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As a leading appliance repair company in Alliance, Ohio we're proud to offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) appliance parts through our affiliates, V&V Appliance Parts, and Marcone Supply. Simply click the button below to order online 24/7 or call to speak with an appliance parts representative today. 

"People often buy cheap appliance parts on Amazon or eBay. While generic parts can save you money in the short term, their lifespan just isn't very long. By using OEM parts for your appliances you'll get high quality, longevity, and excellent warranties. " 

Samuel Willhite

Owner - Sam's Appliance Repair

Sam Willhite. Owner of Sam's Appliance Repair

OEM Appliance Replacement Parts

Our partners, V&V Appliance Parts and Marcone Supply, are authorized distributors for all major appliance brands including Bosch, Samsung, Maytag, General Electric, and many more. By using original replacement parts to repair your appliances, you can count on guaranteed quality, longevity, and better performance from your appliances.

Guaranteed Quality

With OEM parts for your appliances, parts are guaranteed to be compatible with your appliance.


OEM parts are designed to last longer, ensuring optimal performance for your appliances. 

Manufacturer's Warranty

Manufacturers of OEM appliance parts back their products with one-year warranties.

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