Certified Master Appliance Technician

Sam's Master Certificate

I have always enjoyed building and repairing things in general. I do the appliance repair and Kara assists with answering the phone and booking jobs. Most of our business processes are automated and all are web-based. This allows us to be successful without being overwhelmed by administrative burdens. Please feel free to contact us for all your appliance repairs.

My name is Samuel 'Sam' Willhite, from Homeworth, Ohio. I spent most of my youth in Northern California while my wife Kara spent her childhood in Stark County, Ohio.

We were fortunate to meet while living in Texas but we both longed for the comfort and support of family and friends. In 2016 we followed our hearts and returned back home to Kara's area where we are again surrounded by family and friends steeped in a wonderful, semi-rural Midwestern culture.

Our family quickly grew by one child and then another, but the expenses grew even faster. We needed to make a change. So, despite a 3-year-old daughter and a newborn son only months away, we took a leap of faith and opened Sam's Appliance Repair in early January, 2018.

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